by Daddy's Girl

   1220 W. Wooster St.

   Bowling Green, OH 43402


Good To Go brings delicious lunches and dinners to Bowling Green!
Located at 1220 W. Wooster, it’s easy in and out and handicap-accessible. 

Have lunch or meetings in our cozy dining room. We also cater in your home or at our place. And our fine dining events feature five-course meals in a white tablecloth, softly lit atmosphere.


We make all our food daily in our kitchen from the simplest ingredients.

Mothers Day is May 11.  Join us for lunch in our dining room or get takeout. More details by clicking the Mothers Day tab on the left.



Mmmm Meatloaf
   $10 (serves 2-3)

   Belleville ground chuck and pork, onion, peppers, celery
   topped with chunky tomato sauce


Classic Lasagna   $12 (serves 2-3)

   Belleville Italian sausage, three cheeses, herbed
   tomato sauce


Vegetarian Lasagna $12 (serves 2-3)

   Roasted zucchini, spinach, three cheeses,
   herbed tomato sauce


Mac ‘n’ cheese   $8 (serves 2-3)

   Elbow macaroni in creamy cheese sauce, topped with
   bread crumbs, lightly baked


   See the specials page as these change weekly



DINNER BOX $8.50 (main dish and two sides)

    Main dish: mac and cheese, meatloaf, hamloaf, lasagna,

    chicken salad

    Sides: deli salads, hot sides du jour, green salad, deviled





Chicken salad $5 

   Oven-roasted chicken breast, grapes, celery, walnuts, lightly
   dressed with lemon pepper Hellman’s


Soup   cup $3 (8 oz.);   bowl $4 (12 oz.)

   Prepared in our kitchen from scratch; varies daily

Quiche   $4 single serving;  $12 whole quiche to go

    Bacon cheddar or the daily special

Potato or vegetable side dish  $4 enough for 2; $6 enough for 3-4; changes daily


Green salad (greens, tomato, cheese)
   $3 single serving, $7 family side


Deluxe green salad (greens, tomato, avocado,
   bacon, gorgonzola or cheddar cheese)
   $5 single serving, $10 family side


Deli salads (change daily) $4 (one cup), 7.50 (2 cups),

$12 (4 cups)

   Current choices (vary and we'll make any of them to your     

   special order):  quinoa black bean, broccoli (apples, red

   onion, Craisins, walnuts, poppyseed dressing),  

   sour cream redskin potato, cole slaw, pea with cheese


Deviled eggs   50 cents a half OR $5 (12 halves),
   $10 (24 halves)

Desserts change daily. Almost always: Heavenly homemade    pies (different every week) and carrot cake made in our

   kitchen with real cream cheese frosting. Come see what we

   have or place a special order.


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